Not all at once but rather slowly, in fits and starts, a new societal condition is emerging: network culture. As digital computing matures and meshes with increasingly mobile networking technology, society is also changing, undergoing a cultural shift. Just as modernism and postmodernism served as crucial heuristic devices in their day, studying network culture as a historical phenomenon allows us to better understand broader sociocultural trends and structures, to give duration and temporality to our own, ahistorical time.

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Whew! Kind of brathtaking attention span you´ll need for this article – but worth it. In the year which i pronounce to be the year of identity, it seems obvious that we´re straight in the process of being part of the new, now envolving, multitidentity personalities shifting their identities. If the people can handle the balancing act between participating in a powerful world ´plebs´ network without overcharge or freeze an see how well-known powerholders and those who learned from them just get their new cars – it´s up to you. Anyway, enjoy this analysis of possibilities and fails.